Thursday, November 13, 2008

How we met

Brian and I met when I was 8 and he was 10. His family owned a video store and my mother owned a craft shop just down the street in Shelley, Id. At the time I hated him! He treated me like any 10 year old boy treats girls. Then about 7 years later, he was working at Walmart with my dad. I saw him again and thought he was hot! I had a major crush on him. I ended up moving from Firth to Blackfoot and became really good friends with his ex girlfriend. One day he called to talk to her mom and since she wasn't there I got on the phone and started chatting. We ended up talking a couple more times on the phone and he came to visit me at work. Just after I had graduated my friends and I got a little carried away partying. Since I had already been in trouble with my parents and had been warned I could not live at home anymore if I didn't follow the rules, I knew I had to find a place to live. My friend (Brian's Ex) had the idea to call Brian. She called him and amazingly he already knew the whole story. He had called my dad that day for Father's Day. (he had never done that before) My mom had told him what happened and he said he would be there in five minutes to get me. I thought I would just stay there for a couple of days until I got things sorted out, but by the first night we were really hitting it off. I ended up staying with him and we have lived together ever since.

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