Monday, January 26, 2009

Our baby BOY!

On Thursday we had our ultra sound. We are having a boy!!! We are so excited! He was very squirmy and kept sucking his thumb. It was so cute! I am a week farther than they originally thought. They said I was at 21 weeks instead of 20. My due date was June 9th, now it is the same day as our anniversary, June 3rd. After the ultra sound I went shopping and got some really cute clothes. We think we are going to name him Dylan, but we haven't decided on a middle name yet, maybe John. We are so excited to be parents!


Travis said...

CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!! That is so awesome! You can already tell that little guy is going to be a stud! Wow, that is such a good ultrasound picture you can see him so good and his little arm. It makes it all so much more real!
I heard you three ;) went and hung out with Tay and Amanda this weekend that's so cool.

Peterson Family said...

Ooops, that comment wasn't from Trav it was from me!